The Muppets (2011)

True to form, I am not updating this blog as often as I should.  Forgive me, for I shall try to do better.

I was going to see this film on Thanksgiving, but it was sold out. So, I saw it the morning after. There was a kid kicking the back of my sister's seat throughout the film, but there was no kid kicking my seat. Hah. This information has absolutely nothing to do with my opinion of the film, so why am I sharing it? Good question.

The Muppets has many elements that, combined, should make up a film that I really like. It's a musical. It's self-reflexive. It's funny. There are muppets. It's a musical. However, the film as a whole left me a bit cold.  That's not to say I didn't enjoy a lot of it, though. I actually thought the first half of the film was very good. Most of the jokes landed, it was well paced, and the numbers were nice. (This one in particular. I think I involuntarily stood up and put my hand over my heart when the drums came in).

But. As the film went on, I began to enjoy myself a little less. The self-reflexivity got a bit too cutesy and calculated. The plot began to rely on cheap gags and broad sentimentality, an emotion that didn't feel earned. The Walter character, who had been a weak point throughout the film, got really annoying. The cameos began to do what cameo appearances tend to do.

So, in the end, The Muppets came across as more of a product than a heartfelt expression of anything. Darn. And it started off so well.


  1. i must agree drew. i was so excited to see this, as much of my childhood (namely every sunday evening) was spent watching the muppet show. i tried to find someone to go with me, and finally threw in the towel and sat in the theater all by my lonesome. the first thirty or so minutes i was laughing, crying, and couldn't stop smiling (as all those people on dates wondered who the weird 22 year old who came to this movie unaccompanied was). i may have put my hand on my heart a few times as well. walter was a disappointment and the movie could have done without a few cameos (particularly selena gomez...). but as always, miss piggy made the whole thing worth it. oh, and did i mention, jason segel and i are engaged?

  2. It used to stress me out when the muppets spilled things all over. like popcorn. No wonder I have anxiety now.