Dawn of the Dead (1978)

This might be my favorite
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So, I hadn't seen this film until a couple of days ago and I KNOW that I should've gotten to it sooner and HOW can you possibly call yourself a zombie fan or a HORROR fan for that matter and I'm sorry I'M SORRY. I've seen it now, so I can finally become a woman.
You(I) inevitably put on a different viewing hat when watching a film that has a considerable reputation. Your expectations are enhanced, you're inclined to be unforgiving, so on. Dawn of the Dead being the classic that it is, I went into it with a very judgmental hat on. Fortunately, my hat stayed on, for Dawn of the Dead lives up to its reputation. It's beautifully put together. The gore effects are quite awesome. It carries considerable emotional heft. I was especially struck by how relevant the social commentary has managed to stay. Greed, consumerism, capitalism, media influence, all that rot. Quite prescient, is what I'm saying.
The zombies themselves are interesting creations. Romero tapped into something important when he gave these creatures, who could be (and have been) portrayed as ravenous hell beasts, a mournful and misbegotten feel. The zombies in this film come across as more confused and sad than evil. Consequently, you feel sympathetic rather than disgusted. It lends a tragic human element to the proceedings, as opposed to a more nihilistic feel. Great head explosions as well.

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  1. Probably Romero's best work. I think this film is masterful and I get caught up in the survival story every time. Curious, have you seen the 2004 remake? Surprisingly phenomenal.