Halloween (1978)

John Carpenter is a terrible composer. It's difficult for me to watch any of his films without picturing him sitting behind his Moog, stroking his unsuccessful moustache, and writing his perceived musical masterpieces:

John Carpenter: Hey dudes! Listen to this groovy tune!

Producer: John you GENIUS you've done it again! You're the future of cinema, man!

John Carpenter: I KNOW! And it only took me 5 minutes! I'm a gift to mankind!

Producer: Rad crazy wicked awesome my fellow! Capital stuff, that!  I say, where the devil is my giant bong?

John Carpenter: I've pilfered it, what ho!

Producer: Top o' the mornin' to ya! *

* Disclaimer: I was not alive in the 1970's.

That being said, this film actually serves its purpose pretty well. It makes you jump, It's well shot, Michael Myers is somewhat unsettling, and Jamie Lee Curtis's chin is prominent. Its effectiveness has me inclined to overlook the less successful elements of the film, the main one being that it's pretty stupid. One note characters, groan-inducing dialogue, an exploitative yet simultaneously condemnatory view of female sexuality, etc. There are many things to complain about here.  Actually, I don't want to overlook the less successful elements of the film.  Halloween wasn't that good. I did jump a few times, though, so do what you will. This review is confused.

It was effective, but I didn't really like it. There.

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